In Revenge & Felicity, three stories about persuasion, conversion and religion collide in a suburban street.

Jordy, a little girl, is drawing. Her home blooms with chalk images. Some Mormons arrive with some suggestions for Jordy - and her mum.

Waiting for the bus, schoolgirl Felicity deliberately aggravates another girl, Karen.

At the same bus stop, a persuasive attack is launched on Janice, who clearly needs perfume layering in her life...

Revenge was filmed in Kilburn, with Scott Venner as Director of Photography and Alice Teasdale as writer & director.

The film received a production subsidy from the Membersí Production Group at the Media Resource Centre, which provided equipment and editing facilities.

The script was inspired by two thematically similar real incidents, and developed through a number of drafts.

The cast included Annie Lindner as Felicity, Erica Richards as Karen, Laura Patterson as Jordy, Nicole Rutty as Janice and Scott Farrant as the postie.

Dan Monceaux created the music and sound track for the film.